7 Effective Tools How Manually Set Up Modem Drivers for Windows 8 on computer – Solved

If everything on your PC looks okay and there’s nothing much that you can do to fix high ping in online games, then here’s another solution for you. VPN is used widely by gamers all across the world to play on different servers without the risk of high ping speed. So, you can also try VPN to reduce ping speed in online games if the above conditions apply to you. For example, a person from a country in Africa wants to play an online Canon drivers download game, but the game server is not located in his region. For this, he will have to play from a game server located somewhere else, say Europe.

If he/she directly connects to the server through his internet, there are chances that he/she will be getting a very high ping in online games, even the internet speed is fairly good. For this, what the person can do is use a VPN to access the internet from Europe region, or as a matter of fact, from any region of the world. Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network can be a helpful solution for many to fix high ping speed in online games. This is a solution specific to those who live in an area where the online game server is not located.

It strongly appears like the issue has something to do with the pipeline from the Nvidia to the Intel graphics. Telling WoW to use the integrated graphics while having the Nvidia Control Panel set to use the Nvidia graphics solved this issue. Please let us know in the comments which of the tips or methods worked for you to reduce ping speed in online games for you.

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  • Recorded the same map as I did yesterday (optifine 1.9.2 – min/ fastest settings) for you started out completely lag free.
  • As a side note, after I installed OBS and ran it for those two videos, having it open afterwards caused lag in all parts of my PC – including typing, as you described.
  • I then decided to interact with doors and chest and shortly after lag city.

You can search on Google or look up a tutorial on Youtube for your antivirus to whitelist your game. If you do not whitelist the online game, then the data communication between your PC and game server will be monitored by the Antivirus you are using and also by the Firewall. Whitelisting online games means that the data transfer will bypass the Antivirus and Firewall, and will reduce ping speed in games in turn. If you use an Antivirus software or use Firewall, go ahead and right away whitelist the online game to reduce ping speed. In case you are wondering how this would fix high ping speed in online games, let me explain it to you.

The process to whitelist programs and games is different in different antivirus software. So, it won’t be possible for me to tell you guys how exactly to do that. However, doing so is easier than you would expect it to be.

It can also be helpful if you do not want to access game server of your region, but a server located at a different region altogether. You can contact your Internet Service Provider and they will help you out by proving information if your router needs an upgrade. It’s a simple process and will improve the overall quality of the internet, also reduce ping speed in online games. Have you been using the same old router for a long time?

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