7 Effective Tools to Restore Your GPU Speed After Virus Removal

This problem happens due to several reasons. The other reason is when your CMOS is malfunctioned thus not able to retain information. Your system will restore all the dault factory settings when a checksum error occurs and some of your modifications will be altered. CMOS battery sits in your computer’s mother board and provides power to the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip.

So, if in any way the motherboard of your computer is damaged, that can cause the CMOS Checksum error. You learned all the reasons behind the CMOS Checksum error and now let’s discuss the solutions. In most other cases, you only need to reset the BIOS.

Replacing Your Bios Logo

The CMOS checksum error is a result of abnormal power cut of the system, which can be resolved easily only by restarting Windows 10. The issue will mitigate when you shut down the system correctly from next time. You need to go to Start menu, click the Power icon and select Shut down. At the time of the next startup, remove the residual power first by unplugging the cord from the socket.

BIOS(Basic Input/Output System) does the job of initiating and testing the hardware, for example, the CPU, memory, keyboard, mouse, etc. The error happens when CMOS fails to check the data stored in BIOS, which is otherwise known as the Checksum check failure. The error can occur when CMOS runs out of battery, or the BIOS data is corrupted. Also, when malfunction happens in the BIOS, the viruses can change the value of BIOS data which will lead to the Checksum check failure.

Some motherboards have a switch on the motherboard itself or on the back of the computer to reset the BIOS settings. Without such a switch, you can remove the CMOS battery from the system for a minute or two. A power failure will cause everything in CMOS to reset.

Way 2: Reset The Basic Input/output System (Bios)

  • Now, you might get a notification “Load BIOS Defaults(Y/N)?
  • Next, press down the Enter key on your keyboard to move further.
  • Here, option Y stands for YES and N stands for NO.
  • Moreover, this technical issue will suggest to press down the F1 key and reset the time and date of the system almost every time whenever it pops up on the screen.

Hold down https://wikidll.com/microsoft/oleaut32-dll the Power button on the CPU for about 30 seconds. When the device will start, hopefully, the aforementioned error will not appear again. So of course I figure that the CMOS battery is dying and it’s probably accounting for the non-posting.

Complimentary Metal-oxide Semiconductor or CMOS is a semiconductor chip on the motherboard of your computer. It is responsible for storing Information regarding BIOS.

I replaced the battery on the motherboard and reset the CMOS but it still shows the black screen of death with the messages. Bear in mind that viruses can also affect CMOS settings and can cause a checksum error. Motherboard problems can also affect the values stored in CMOS memory. So it’s not always the CMOS Battery that causes a checksum error to appear. But battery failure is certainly the most common reason.

The CMOS contains data related to system configuration which includes time and date. When the CMOS battery is dead it starts loosing information, which results in changing in the time & date and reset the factory settings. The protected code should run the diskette and attempt to reload the original BIOS file. You will probably hear several beeps when the recovery finishes.

Power down again, remove the diskette, reset the Boot Block jumper, reboot the system to the System Setup, and then reload the CMOS defaults. A Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) battery maintains the BIOS memory even when your PC shuts down. When you boot back into Windows, your computer will read the previous state in which your device was from the BIOS CMOS RAM. However, if the checksums do not match, it means that something interfered with the BIOS, so the computer displays a BIOS checksum error and stops the boot process. I have a bios rom checksum error on my hp pavilion a6530f.

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